Our Tree Shaping & Prunning Services include Dead
Wood Pruning, Pollarding & Fruit Tree Pruning Techniques

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Depending on the desired affect, Angry Beaver Arboriculture and Tree Surgery Services offer the following flavours of Shaping and Pruning.

Dead Wood Pruning Technique - Dead Wood Pruning is necessary for most trees to prevent falling branches.

Regular Pruning and Shaping Technique - We offer year round Pruning and Shaping of all species of trees in order to keep them healthy and looking at their best all year round. This includes all varieties of fruit trees which yield higher harvests of fruit when pruned correctly at the right times of year.

Pollarding Technique - Pollarding is a method of pruning where the upper branches of a tree are removed to promote a dense head of foliage and branches and to maintain the tree at a predetermined height.

Angry Beaver Shaping & Pruning Services cover Surrey, Sussex, Kent & South London. For more information on our Shaping and Pruning Services, please contact Nick Bonsier using the contact information below;

Tree Shaping & Pruning Services